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Territory and Culture

It is possible to take advantage of the territory and culture as economic resources, without violating or destroying them. By contributing to the GDP - or by simply creating wealth - with the same efficiency/effectiveness criteria that characterize the main productive sectors. The paradigm for which the territory and culture consume resources is reversed, thus, redefining the role as producers of wealth. There is a shift from emotional marketing and ‘umbrella’ brands to product strategies based on the in-depth and personalized management of the offer. Sophisticated methods of specialized and mass marketing can now, finally, be applied thanks to digital solutions that integrate CMS, CRM and DMS platforms; they interact with the social networks, analysing the desires and orientation of the target audience through large amounts of data collected by automated systems (BigData and IoT), attracting and supporting with portals, apps and augmented reality. Argonet has the creativity, expertise and the tools to define the strategy and implement the actions.

Internet Of Things

‘Between 2015 and 2019, worldwide systems revenues for applications connecting to the Internet of Things will nearly double, reaching $124.5 billion… about 30.0 billion Internet connections are expected to be in place worldwide in 2020’ (I.C. mktg drivers report). There is no doubt about this, soon everything will be connected: it will share your status; it will help in decisions and receive suggestions. But the question we ask is: why? To what advantage and, more specifically, to whose advantage? Will it be detrimental or beneficial to our companies and to our real economy? IoT is only one piece of what we, in Argonet, call the IoE: the Internet of Everything but, more importantly, of Everybody. The things are everything: and naturally, first and foremost come persons and our businesses. IoT is technology and communication, man and machine together: and it must be man in charge. Argonet’s renowned standout ability to integrate ICT, MKTG and COM, provides managers with the tools to bring their own company into IoT, contextualizing and concretizing the opportunities in a direct and profitable way.

Web Video

For years we have been seeking the communication convergence point between technological tools. While we ponder whether the future will be made of smartphones, television screens, portals or apps… new technology advances in such a way as to relegate these to commodities and to bring the focus back to the mode and content. The bottom line is that we watch and listen, we act and express ourselves in a real world in which word, image, sound, movement and interaction never cease. For this reason we believe that ‘video’ content is crying out to move from being a didactic function to being the backbone of digital and integrated communication. What began with the sharing of video clips in the social sphere, was continued and developed by Youtubers and is now present as web series, is the dominant mode of communication. We have scrutinised the model, we have analysed the international case studies and we have acquired a production company. Now, together with our most progressive clients, we are inventing the first creative projects in which ‘the video’ will be the backbone of the strategy.






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